Clinical Meet to Observe the 35th Anniversary of Bombay Leprosy Project

To observe the 35th Anniversary of Bombay Leprosy Project (BLP) and as well to observe the 142nd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the crusader for the fight against leprosy, a Clinical Meeting was organised on 5th October, Wednesday 2011 at the Main Referral Centre of Bombay Leprosy Project.

Despite the claims of elimination of leprosy, the disease burden due to leprosy continues to plague the programme and the community. Though the prevalence of the disease shows decline, new cases continue to occur and some of them even present with vague manifestations not seen generally.  How to identify such clinical problems and how to manage such patients was the point of discussion at this Clinical Meeting.

Dr V V Pai, Director BLP, while welcoming the experts at the meeting mentioned that as presentations of leprosy and clinical problems continue to pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, therefore availing expertise from neurologists and laboratory experts and help of newer techniques like ultrasonography have become important to arrive at diagnosis and to decide about management.
Dr R Ganapati, Director Emeritus, BLP mentioned that such clinical meetings will be helpful to understand better the pathogenesis of nerve involvement in leprosy and to differentiate diseases which may mimic leprosy. .    

Experts on Leprosy viz Neurologist, Neurophysiologist, Clinicians, Radiologist and Laboratory Scientists deliberated extensively on the various clinical cases that were presented at the meeting. The experts later examined the cases and discussed on the investigations and the management of such patients and were convinced that newer investigations like Ultrasonography of nerves can be used to know the involvement of nerves for early management to prevent disability.

Medical Officers, Post Graduate students from the city medical colleges, Interns and staff of BLP formed the audience who actively participated in the meeting.          

Experts deliberating at the meeting Dr Vikas Halwai, PG Resident, Dermatology, presenting the cases
Dr Khanolkar, Medical Officer making a point  
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