The term “leprosy elimination” is often confused with “leprosy eradication”, i.e. reaching zero new cases (incidence) as with smallpox. The term “elimination” was coined to help those concerned to reach MDT to all detected cases and aim to reach very low levels of transmission i.e. one case per 10,000 population. On 31st December 2005, the Govt. of India has declared that leprosy has been “eliminated” from the country. However, a small proportion of the population infected several years earlier will develop clinical disease resulting in the occurrence of new cases (including smear positive cases). Some of them may present with MB leprosy and some may even present with disabilities. Hence there may be reports of a high detection rate in pockets even after reaching the goal of leprosy elimination.

The WHO has estimated that MDT may have prevented the occurrence of new disabilities to the extent of 50-98% and will be dealing with 2-3 million leprosy disabled patients during the post-elimination or eradication phase. The post elimination issues arising out of immunological and neurological problems of the disease (including post MDT residual skin lesions) need to be addressed. Moreover, National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) is now integrated with the General Health System (GHS) making MDT now available at the Primary health care centre level (PHC).

Bombay Leprosy Project (BLP) is a registered non-profit voluntary organization working for more than three decades towards achieving the goal of "World Without Leprosy".

Bombay Leprosy Project is an NGO founded by Dr R Ganapati, an eminent Leprologist, who has transformed leprosy work from a closed institutionalized endeavor to a widespread community based work. The principles of Dr Ganapati's outstanding work have drawn several medical and para-medical workers into his field to join hands with him in his crusade. BLP has been working relentlessly to help miserable sufferers of leprosy ''existing" with a bleak, almost hopeless future. The distinct commitment and true devotion of the team has set a mark in the history of leprosy. This has brought hope into the lives of thousands of individuals suffering from leprosy.

Based in the city of Bombay (Mumbai) since 1976, BLP is managed by a team of dedicated staff and is recognized as an outstanding scientific organization by the Government of India, local state government and international scientific bodies like WHO.

Regarded as a 'trend-setter', BLP has an excellent track record of innovative programmes for creating public awareness, treatment and elimination of leprosy, prevention of disabilities, integrated rehabilitation schemes and operational research in a cost-effective manner.

BLP is running leprosy clinics in Government General Hospitals and Municipal dispensaries situated in different parts of the city and admits patients in general hospitals for inpatient care with collaborating hospitals / institutions.

BLP has embarked on a long-term plan and activities necessary to improve the quality of life of leprosy patients. Besides serving leprosy patients, BLP has been engaged in various scientific investigations into issues related to leprosy, to address the still unsolved mysteries plaguing the community. BLP works in close collaboration with other like-minded individuals and organizations to sustain the anti leprosy activities.

As a part of its expansion plans, BLP proposes to extend its services to a large number of leprosy patients living in city slums (shanty towns) as well as in rural and tribal areas. BLP's strength and capabilities to reach the goal of a "World Without Leprosy" are entirely dependent upon your valuable support and encouragement.

Hope for the persons affected with leprosy still depends in a large measure on the response of donors to the challenge.

It will be one of the happiest moments of your life if you lend a helping hand to our endeavors to serve the leprosy patients who lead a miserable life.


Location & Outreach


Project Area Covered in Mumbai

BLP covers 23 Health Posts belonging to G-North, G-South and H wards in Mumbai covering a population of approx 2 million.

Map of Mumbai

Population of Mumbai  -14 million

Population of Project area of BLP- 2 million

Total Health Post - 169