Care of the Leprosy – Disabled in Urban areas

The problem of the urban disabled poses a huge problem in terms of disease burden in the community. The disability problem also poses a human rights issue.

Bombay Leprosy Project has been providing disability care services not only to patients attending its referral centre but also in the rural areas adjoining Mumbai.

As a part of Physical rehabilitation services to leprosy patients and also as a part of the World Disabled Day and Human Rights Day, BLP in collaboration with Shraddha Foundation, Mumbai provided aids and appliances including special footwear to leprosy patients attending Referral centre of BLP.

On this day, a below knee special prosthesis was provided to a paramedical worker rehabilitated by BLP who is assisting in the Referral centre. BLP is thankful to its donors and supporters for their concern for the cause of leprosy and in particular for their commitment to reach the services to the leprosy patients.

Mr Mahendra Shinde a rehabilitated leprosy worker receiving special prosthesis for his left lower limb from a donor
A leprosy patient being given footwear by the donor at the Referral Centre
Donor with the beneficiaries
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